Dental Bridges in Kelowna

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No one wants gaps between their teeth. After all, they pose a significant challenge when it comes to eating and talking clearly and can negatively impact one’s self-esteem.

We want you to feel empowered and ready to take on the world every day, and that’s why, if you’re looking to address missing teeth, we invite you to visit Love It Dental. Our dentist near you, Dr. Suzanne Degner, has much experience in restorative and cosmetic dentistry and will be your partner throughout your treatment journey. Please give us a call to learn more.

Dental Bridges in Kelowna

Understanding Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is literally an oral appliance that “bridges” or fills in the space between teeth, restoring one’s ability to speak, bite and chew, and laugh without trouble, discomfort, or embarrassment.

The type of bridge you are given will depend on a few factors, such as the number of missing teeth, their location, your preferences, and what your dentist in Kelowna advises. At Love It Dental, Dr. Degner will thoroughly evaluate your smile to determine the best style for you. Here are the available choices:

  1. Traditional. A traditional bridge is the most common one given to patients. It can be positioned anywhere in the mouth. The structure is composed of a pontic (artificial tooth) that fills in the gap and two abutments that hold it in place. Dental crowns typically serve as the abutments.
  2. Cantilever. This bridge is quite similar to a traditional bridge, but it only uses one abutment. As a result, it is typically provided to patients who only have one neighboring tooth that can support the structure. An example of this is teeth that are missing at or near the back of your mouth.
  3. Maryland. A resin or metal framework is incorporated into the bridge structure, helping to stabilize the pontic.
  4. Implant-Supported. As the name indicates, dental implants are surgically installed into the jawbone to support the bridge. This offers immense stability, as implants can last almost a lifetime.

Our dentist in Kelowna can answer any questions or hesitancies you might have during a preliminary consultation. Reach out to us today to schedule yours.

Placing Dental Bridges

Once the appropriate bridge style has been selected, teeth are prepared, and impressions are taken to ensure that the finished restoration meets your unique oral requirements. A temporary bridge will be placed to protect your prepared teeth while the permanent structure is being made.

The permanent bridge will replace its temporary counterpart during a follow-up appointment. Dr. Degner will check that it fits you comfortably and doesn’t alter your bite pattern. Then, it is cemented in place. We will assess your bridge when you return for routine checkups.

To ensure your bridge lasts, avoid eating very hard foods, brush and floss daily, and keep in contact with your dentist.

Your Smile Deserves the Best

Ready to kick start this next chapter of your dental journey? If so, you’re encouraged to call, email, or come into Love It Dental whenever your schedule permits. Our capable, caring team is here for you and will remain by your side during the treatment and long after it concludes because you are a member of our family.

We hope to work with you very soon!