Interceptive Pediatric Orthodontics in Kelowna

Interceptive Pediatric Orthodontics Near You

Many think it’s best to wait until their children’s smiles have fully matured before considering orthodontic care. However, this isn’t always wise. If a child is dealing with severe bite problems, it can lead to even more challenges down the road. This is why, at our local dental practice, we offer interceptive pediatric orthodontics. Our dentist near you, Dr. Suzanne Degner, is happy to discuss this treatment option with you and your child to determine the best solution.

Interceptive Pediatric Orthodontics in Kelowna

What Exactly is Interceptive Orthodontics?

Simply put, the aim of interceptive orthodontics is to address bite challenges before a child’s smile and craniofacial region are fully developed. Their jaw is guided with simple appliances during the child’s growth and development, which improves the alignment of their teeth. As a result, they can bite better and avoid potentially complicated orthodontic treatment in the future.

Unlike traditional orthodontics, which are typically provided to teenagers, this type of orthodontic care is often advised to patients of children between 6 and 12. Getting started with this realignment early on will ensure successful results. Furthermore, your child won’t need complex treatments when they get older.

What This Treatment Can Fix

When visiting Love It Dental for interceptive orthodontics, Dr. Degner will examine your child’s smile and review their history to determine if this treatment option is right. With that said, there are different issues that this can effectively remedy, including:

    • Expanding the palate
    • Arch expansion
    • Creating more space for teeth
    • Bite misalignment like over or underbites
    • Prevent arch deformation

Depending on your child’s case, they can receive a removable or fixed appliance. Traditional orthodontics may still be necessary.

If you have any queries about this, please do not hesitate to let us know! Our staff are happy to guide you and your family through the treatment, so you all feel prepared and comfortable.

Come in for a Consultation

Dr. Degner leads our wonderful team here at our neighbourhood dental practice. When you bring your child in for a visit, we will do all we can to ensure they feel relaxed. Together, we will guide you through the appointment and tailor our care to your child’s unique needs. So, if you’re searching for a qualified, trustworthy dentist in Kelowna, come see us!

Additionally, we are glad to offer services for children, teens, and adults alike. From fillings to tooth extraction to interceptive pediatric orthodontics near you, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today to learn more!