Oral Cancer Screenings in Kelowna

Oral Cancer Screenings Near You

Oral cancer screenings are performed by dentists to see if any signs of cancer are present in a patient’s mouth. Like the tests that doctors conduct in a hospital, the main purpose of this treatment is to help prevent cancer and detect it as early as possible if it does manifest. The sooner one seeks care, the higher the chances of success.

Love It Dental provides oral cancer screenings. Our team, led by our exceptional dentist near you, Dr. Suzanne Degner, is here to help you in any way. We will remain by your side regardless of the results that are gathered. If this is something you need, please phone us to book an appointment.

Oral cancer screenings

Who is at Risk?

Individuals who engage in certain lifestyle behaviours can be at higher cancer risk. This includes excessive alcohol consumption, smoking or vaping, or using other tobacco products, and being exposed to large amounts of sunlight.

Additionally, if there is a history of cancer in your family, this may also play a role.

If you’re concerned about your risk factor level, we invite you to come in for a private consultation with our dentist in Kelowna.

What to Expect During a Screening

The screening process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes to complete. What happens next will be based on the information that is collected. Here is what you can expect when you come into Love It Dental:

Your oral structures will be closely examined. This entails your teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks, and lips. Dr. Degner will look for any lumps, abnormal patches of tissue, or sores. We may also gently feel along your jaw and down your neck. X-rays can be taken to help identify any problems that have formed where the eye cannot see.

A special fluorescent blue light known as a Velscope is used to discern unhealthy tissue from healthy tissue.

If cancer is detected, we may refer you to a medical specialist for a biopsy. A small amount of tissue will be gathered and inspected in a laboratory to see if cancer cells are present. Follow-up appointments at our dental clinic will most likely be done so we can keep an eye on things.

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Should you or your loved ones have any inquiries or concerns about oral cancer screenings near you, don’t hesitate to ask! Remember, you are not alone. Our team is here for you and works hard to guarantee your comfort every step of the way.

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