Tooth Extractions in Kelowna

Tooth Extractions Near You

Tooth extractions sound scary to a lot of people because this treatment has earned a reputation for being painful. No one wants to experience such a thing when they visit the dentist. But did you know that this isn’t true?

Right here at Love It Dental, our team, led by Dr. Degner, takes care to ensure that every one of our patients, regardless of age, is looked after each time they visit us. We emphasize gentle techniques, maintain a clean environment, and provide anesthesia to keep you comfortable. Whatever you need, we are happy to provide.

So, if you need a tooth extraction and you’d like to gather some information about it before going ahead with the procedure, please set up a consultation with our dentist near you today.

Tooth Extractions in Kelowna

Why Would I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Every patient is different, meaning there are multiple reasons why certain treatment is necessary. Concerning tooth extractions, here are some of the most common ones:

  • Sports injuries
  • Oral trauma
  • Gum disease
  • Overcrowding
  • Preparing for orthodontic treatment
  • Getting dentures
  • Severe infection

This procedure may be recommended for individuals undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.

If you have any inquiries or concerns about this, please reach out to Love It Dental. Our dentist in Kelowna is eager to assist you with whatever you need and help you feel confident about your decisions.

The Extraction Process

Taking out a tooth is straightforward and can be done in just one session. Here is what you can expect when you visit our local dental practice:

  1. First, Dr. Degner will carefully assess your smile and review your dental and medical history. X-rays might be taken, too. This information allows us to understand your situation.
  2. Once it has been determined that a tooth extraction is the best solution, we will devise a customized treatment plan that meets your functional and aesthetic needs.
  3. Next, local anesthesia is provided. This numbs the extraction area, keeping you from feeling pain while Dr. Degner works.
  4. Dental forceps are used to gradually loosen the tooth and then take it out of its socket.
  5. The site is cleaned to remove any lingering debris and prevent other issues like infection. We may use stitches to close the tissue.
  6. A piece of gauze is pressed over the area, and you’ll need to bite down very gently to keep it in place. This measure helps control bleeding.
  7. Before you go, Dr. Degner will give you instructions to follow at home that will encourage proper healing, such as using ice to reduce swelling, not using a straw to keep any blood clots intact and avoiding hard foods for the next several days.
  8. Your smile will be evaluated during a routine checkup to ensure that the procedure has been effective.

After the tooth extraction, it is recommended that you require restoration to fill in the space and stop your surrounding teeth from shifting. Choices include a dental bridge or single-tooth implant. We can explain the options to you in further detail so you feel confident with your decision.

Ready to Restore Your Smile?

Contact Love It Dental today if you need a tooth extraction near you. We proudly serve the residents of Kelowna and look forward to aiding you and your family. Your smile deserves the highest quality treatment, after all, and we work hard to provide you with results that last.

Please call 778.738.4088 or email [email protected] to arrange an appointment with Dr. Degner. We can’t wait to work with you!