Dental Checkups and Cleanings in Kelowna

Dental Checkups and Cleanings Near You

Every member of your family should visit a dentist near you on a regular basis. During these routine appointments, your smile will be thoroughly evaluated, x-rays will be taken, and bacteria will be cleaned from your teeth and gums. These preventative measures help keep your smile healthy and looking beautiful.

So, if the time has come to book an upcoming session, we invite you and your loved ones to stop by Love It Dental! Our capable team, led by the amazing Dr. Suzanne Degner, will ensure your time here is smooth and positive. We look forward to hearing from you all.

Dental Checkups and Cleanings in Kelowna

Dental Checkups at Our Clinic

Often, a checkup, also called a dental exam or evaluation, is combined with a dental cleaning. These treatments complement one another, working in tandem to ensure your oral structures stay in good condition.

Here are the general steps involved in a dental checkup with our dentist in Kelowna:

First, Dr. Degner will ensure you feel settled in our dental chair. Then, your teeth, gums, tissues, the top and bottom of your mouth, and tongue will be carefully assessed for signs of cavities, infection, and gum disease. Next, we will review your dental background, medical history, and hygiene habits at home. This information aids us in making a customized treatment plan. X-rays may be taken afterwards because these images let us view structures beneath the surface like your jawbone, nerves, and tooth roots.

Dental checkups only take a few minutes to conduct and do not cause any pain.

What Happens During a Cleaning

Once your exam is over, one of our dental hygienists will take over from Dr. Degner and clean up. We emphasize gentle techniques so patients have a comfortable experience.

The first step is scaling, which involves gently removing plaque and tartar from your teeth and along the gums. This does not hurt, but you may hear a faint etching sound. Our hygienist will brush your smile with gritty textured toothpaste to eliminate stains and freshen your breath. We will floss for you to ensure any lingering debris is cleared away. Last is the fluoride treatment. You’ll be given the fluoride as a gel, varnish, or mouthwash; it sits on your smile for one minute, and then you can spit and rinse. Fluoride strengthens your teeth against cavities.

And that’s it! If you have inquiries about your treatment, make sure you let us know before you go! It is advised that you receive a dental checkup and cleaning every six months. This helps your dental team stay abreast of any problems and remedy them early on before they get worse.

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